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Summary: If you think you can kill me, go ahead.

Will Frespit

Gender: Male

Age: 280

Group: Independents

Race [Human/Enchanted]



Currently on the run

Physical Appearance

Stands at 6' 2"
174 lbs
Black hair that runs along his back, stopping just above the hip. Long head hair that is kept in a ponytail.
Appears in his late 20's

Personality and interests

Prefers to be secluded, not liking big crowds, etc.
Can be hostile to those who hang around him to long.
Harbors guilt for instances in his past where he chose to do nothing rather than expose himself.
Always had clothes on when around others.


MECA has a file of him being chained in the basement of a cathedral in Utah, being treated as a demon because of his abilities. After 200 years, he broke loose after the structure around him was abandoned and decayed. He has been off the grid for several months, though sightings of a "Wendigo" have been reported in a line headed towards Vegas.

Magical Abilities (Enchanted Only)

In his human form, has higher regeneration(Can still be killed by bullets, but if he survives, he will heal within several hours.), increased strength and stamina.
Sense of smell allows him to detect other enchanted or magic of any kind.
If injured or angered enough, he will unwillingly transform into his "Rage form". It appears as a large quadruped, able to lift onto its hind legs for short periods. Heavily muscled with an antlered head, it possesses massive strength and durability, as well as highly increased speed, stamina and agility.
It is fearful of fire and will avoid it at all costs, allowing it to be led to a trap. It is a ravenous, mindless creature that kills and devours without remorse.

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Image of Will Frespit
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