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Summary: By my oath, Enchanted will be praised again.


Gender: Male

Age: 495

Group: M.E.C.A

Race [Human/Enchanted]




Physical Appearance

154 lbs
Short black hair
Once had a classical mustache, but opts for a well kept stubble in recent years.

Personality and interests

Lucian lived as a stern believer in the crown and was an influential soldier throughout Spanish history. As his powers grew, he was seen in his early years as a holy warrior, purging sin and corruption from SPain and the colonies.
In recent years, he has hidden himself, seeing that humanity had turned on the enchanted. He wishes to see a world where he can be seen as a symbol of God's power again, but for now waits out the bad publicity by hiring himself off to major organizations. M.E.C.A is his main focus now, but only as a new hobby in an ever growing number of short lived organizations.
Of particular notice to him is Will Frespit, which Lucian views as a quest.
The noble knight rides again to slay the villainous monster.


Lucian became known to history during a time of exploration, being raised on tales of Cortes and Pizarro's great conquests of the New World. Enlisting to serve, he dedicated his life to Spain and with his powers, he became known as a holy warrior.
Loving the adoration he was given, Lucian was heartbroken to see his beloved country turn against people like him, instead of a savior, he was called a demon. He went into hiding before he could be killed, remaining in the background for the remainder of his life.
In current times, he uses his abilities to aid in hunting those of the Enchanted that become too public. He wishes more than anything to return to Spain and be received as a hero, but believes that day is far away.
With Will Frespit being linked to sightings of wendigos in Utah and Nevada, he has been sent by M.E.C.A to hunt and kill Will.

Magical Abilities (Enchanted Only)

Has control over conjured "Holy Fire", a burning flame that is white in appearance. The more concentration goes into the fire, the hotter it burns.
Once per day, he can summon a pillar of this fire, incinerating everything weaker than steel in its range. As a last ditch power, will cause Lucian to black out for extended amounts of time.(Longest blackout has been two days.)
Is immune to fire and harmful effects of sunlight, this does not transfer to items on his being.

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Image of Lucian
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