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Summary: Soon, not only the dead shall see the end of war.


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Gender: Male

Age: 6,220

Group: Independents

Race [Human/Enchanted]




Physical Appearance

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 200lbs
Hair: Sandy Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Personality and interests

Alistair is an extraordinarly intelligent and compassionate being with a desire to do good in the world. His goal is to achieve harmony in the world between humans and the Enchanted.


Alistair is the oldest living Enchanted, having walked the earth since the dawn of recorded human history. Throughout most of his life he positioned himself as a teacher, and mentor to others. He's the father of modern democracy, and individual sovereignty. He challenged nearly ever tyrant throughout history, and ascended to the throne of many different nations and empires under a variety of identities.

Magical Abilities (Enchanted Only)

Alistair has the power of creation and time. He can materialize anything he wants with a thought, and bend reality to his will. He can see everything that is currently happening, and everything that has happened, though he cannot see the future.. only what is possible. With a touch he can feel everything someone's ever felt, understanding them on the most intimate level. He is weakened by the emotions of those around him, as his senses can become overwhelmed by everyone's thoughts and feelings. He cannot fight someone hand to hand, as he would suffer any injury he inflicted on his opponent. This is why he desires peace above all else, as violence in and of itself is debilitating to him.

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Image of Alistair
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