This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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As a player in this game you choose between 5 factions. The faction you choose will greatly effect your character's role in the game. Before you choose a faction you must choose whether your character will be Enchanted or human. As a human you may only join M.E.C.A or Independent, as the Families are all enchanted.

Enchanted: If you choose to be an Enchanted you will be able to give your character a range of magical abilities. To prevent over powering your character, you will list at least one potential weakness. The strength of your character's abilities will depend on their age, the older they are the powerful they are. The Enchanted have incredible life spans, as their magic prevents them from dying of natural causes. The oldest one in game will be Vincent, head of the Carnegie Family, at 600 years old. This will give you a general baseline for determining your character's age.

Humans: If you choose to be a human, you will not have any magical abilities but you will be allowed access to magical artifacts. Perhaps an amulet than grants its wearer enhanced strength or maybe even the ability to read minds. You can use your imagination with this, as there's virtually no limit to what could potentially be enchanted.


Carnegie Family: The Carnegie Family is the oldest and most respected enchanted mafia in Vegas. They're headed by Vincent Carnegie, one of Las Vegas, Nevada's first settlers. They own several casinos, including The Horizon which is their primary base of operations. Gambling is their main source of income, only recently have they begun to sell magic. Their family operates on a strong sense of tradition which prevented Vincent from exploiting what he considers to be a divine gift.

Reinhart Family: The Reinhart Family is the wealthiest enchanted mafia in Vegas, and the largest supplier of street magic. They are unique in that they do not have a sole patriarch or matriarch, but rather a conglomerate of its oldest members. They make decisions democratically which most believe is the secret to their success. While they have a hierarchy, their members are made to feel equal which attracts many freelancing enchanted to join their ranks. They do not shy away from the light, often times even flaunting their delinquency at authorities under the pretense that they're immune to reprimand. The Reinharts have managed to purchase a few MECA agents, giving them a heads up when anything incriminating might be discovered.

Maddox Family: The Maddox Family is the most ruthless and fearsome enchanted mafia. They're ran by Julius Maddox, aka Nineveh, owner of the Ryo'Hansana horse ranch. When it comes to the underworld of Las Vegas, Nineveh runs the show. Julius is at the top of MECA's most wanted, but's he as elusive as he is savage. He manages to avoid apprehension by never leaving any evidence of his criminal activity. The Maddox family is smaller than the other two, with ranks that hardly rival that of a Football roster. Despite their size, Nineveh's legendary brutality and magical power prevents anyone from challenging them outright... well almost anyone. Their primary source of income is selling weaponized dark magic.

Independents: Independents are humans or enchanted just navigating the merciless streets of Sin City. Perhaps they're the local law enforcement, or maybe a cocktail waitress at one of the multitude of casinos on the Las Vegas strip. Truth is the independents are just that- independent. They can help one of the family's, trying to make a name for themselves within those criminal empires, or they could campaign against magical corruption and work for MECA instead. It's entirely up to them...

MECA: The Magic Enforcement and Containment Agency was founded in 1973 when street magic first started becoming available to humans. Law enforcement agencies across the country soon began to realize that this alluring new contraband was far more dangerous and rampant than any drug currently on the market. Who would have ever imagined having to arrest someone for literally turning their boss into a toad and keeping it as a pet? Or worse... revising sex crime laws to include compulsion and magically enhanced sex appeal. As an agent you will make it your mission to permanently end this epidemic of magic perversion. As demand increases, so does the competition and ultimately so to does the death. Can you stop it?


This a mature game so content is virtually unrestricted. But no god modding or meta gaming (which is giving your characters outside knowledge). Do not violate or otherwise encroach on other characters without permission either. That is just general PBP game etiquette.