What Say I?

Julius snickered a bit, then stood up, prepared to walk back to the house. It'd been a while since he'd dealt with a Rugaru, or, what was it? A Wendigo? He didn't know anymore. Or care. Will was dangerous in his beast form. He could pose a serious threat to everyone on the reservation and at the ranch. Honestly he didn't quite trust him alone. For now, there was no need to deliberate over that though, since, at least for the meantime, they would all be there at the ranch. Julius walked over to Will and braced his shoulder,

"I say... there's a beast in all of us. The difference is... you've had a lot more practice controlling it. We have the resources need to disable you, should that rampage manifest itself. But, I doubt we'll need them."

Julius nodded to Will, then turned to head back to the barn. Aiyana followed, but Kaleo stayed behind.

"This has been a very interesting few days. I don't know where we'll be going from here, but at this point it seems that our only two avenues are really good, or we all die. 50/50? We've faced worse odds. Haven't we little one?" Kaleo nudged Lillian.

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