Getting prepped.

Andrew stopped at a Walmart and went in and purchased some more sox, underwear of different sizes, personal hygiene products, some pad locks, a pocket knife and a small tool set, and fresh fruit, and a couple plastic green and red totes. As he was going through the checkout line he picked up twenty of the prepaid visa debit cards. Fifteen of them were plain; two were Christmas decorated, and had dogs on them. On the plain cards, he put twenty dollars on each. On the two Christmas cards he put $800 and the last card he put $1500. Andrew routinely purchased prepaid debit cards. He had even learned about cards for recovering addicts. You can’t use them at casinos, to buy liquor, or prostitutes. He also learned that some stores will cash the card out for a percentage of its value. The worse part was those cards cost more. He paid cash for everything.

Next he stopped at the Mailbox Plus and ordered a mailbox for the next three months. Ereciept of course, the email header would give him the information he needed to pop into the store and pick up his stuff after hours. Getting the rental agreement was a bit of a hassle. He had to use a bit more magic that he wanted, but magically the computer stated another store had had his complete paperwork. He handed over the credit card swore he was not a terrorist. Then he scribbled the name of the alias and got the box key. Finally, he went to the library and used one of their computers. Andrew got on Amazon’s Mexican Portal and purchased a couple sets of lockpick tools. A couple cheap sets, a round set of tools (like the coke machine locks), a set of jiggler keys, a bumper tool, a set of shims, and two lock picking books that looked interesting. He purchased ten practice see through locks and a small lock rekeying tool set. He expedited the shipping gift delivery to the Mailbox Plus. He paid for all of it with one of the Christmas Cards debit cards. This was the last purchase that he would make on the card. One of the homeless people would find it in a couple weeks as they headed out of town and hopefully use it for some good.

With the run around, Andrew realized he needed some help making his aliases tighter. His magic allowed him to do some things. He could get information into systems. He could modify it and delete it. Legal documents were hard to get even with magic. It required patience that Andrew did not have yet. He needed some help getting the paperwork that he would need to get real paperwork.

Andrew’s curiosity was peeked at what the project was. He wanted to go investigate what these researchers were doing. That’s why he wanted to learn how to pick locks. He needed to setup an a couple new aliases to allow him to cover his tracks. He needed a talisman that allowed his clothing and tools to come with him when his magic moved him through the wires. Heck, something to read foreign languages would be great too. He also needed to get a mentor who would help him learn what his magic could do.

Andrew headed back to the church, changing back into his work clothes he started working on his sermon for Sunday. As he reclined in his office chair, he picked up the cellular phone and texted Ms. Godchaux.

‘Sorry, to bother you. Can I come have Coffee? A housekeeper, Ms. Mari, told me that a patron “magically” lost a one karat earring and she is being blamed for it. She asked me to appeal to you.”

Andrew hoped that would get a response, this was not his mode of operation. Normally, he would have been in the security office with the police officers banging on desks trying to get to the bottom of what was going on. Heck, he would go search the room and the woman’s luggage himself. He also knew that Ms. Godchaux would know or would have her people check that no one named Mari or any other housekeeper really stole an ear ring.

Andrew sat down and drew out a plan. It was a very rough plan. Basically stating that he wanted to travel to these places and get some of the research or components to bring back to study. He left out a few key details like being naked when he gets there without the talisman, not being able to read anything but English, and not really completely knowing what his magic could do. The joys of being self taught.

Andrew sat back and waited.

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