Laying Low

Jack then checked his tools, gun and clothes before he headed out into the rain to his car. It was a miserable night as he had a bit of trouble seeing out the window. Luckily he avoided any possible accidents along the way. Eventually he arrived at a warehouse posing as a tomato company when in fact it was a front for a cartel who worked in selling women, drugs and weapons. Jack sighed as he was once again in over his head.

Jack used some stealth to make his way to the back of the warehouse and hid behind some large crates. Of course he believed his luck ran out when several guards were making their way towards him, however the guards stopped to discuss a particular set of crates before they received a call on their radios that they were being attacked by a rival mob. They all ran to join the fire fight at the front of the warehouse leaving Jack all alone. Seeing as his luck was holding out he snuck into the back of the warehouse and found limited resistance that he managed to sneak by from. Of course he had to hide a few times from passing guards who were heading to the fire fight. Sadly he found himself stuck in a dark storage room with armed guards outside the door. Seeing as he was going to have to make a hard choice, Jack looked around the room for an exit only to see a person sitting in a chair. Using a small pen light he realized he found the missing girl tied and gagged to the chair. She looked a bit roughed up and was wearing a skimpy schoolgirl outfit as she was out cold. He used Analyze on her to make sure she was healthy and found she was just a bit malnourished. Seeing as it was his lucky day, Jack untied the girl and slung her over his shoulder as he analyzed the room for options.

Jack soon found the attackers were getting closer so his previous exit was now gone. So he made his way to the back of the room to face the wall away from where he entered and cast an explosion spell which blew a massive hole in the wall. Then he used Adept magic to boost his body's strength and muscles before he leapt from the gaping hole. Using enhanced strength and speed he leapt like a rabbit from crate to truck to the street where he took a long route to get to his car. He was grateful he was not followed since the Mob war was very intense. He had no idea who won the fight but either way it was going to be messy and violent, so he didn't want to get involved any further. Once he got to his car he put the girl in the passenger side and buckled her in before driving off.

The drive was long and quiet as he took the girl home where he met her mother. He then told them to relocate and tell no one where they were going since the daughter was in the middle of a Mob war. They hoped after a year things might die down. After being thanked, Jack left them on their own and headed off to the IHOB (International House of Bacon) for a cup of coffee and some breakfast. He was tired and worried his magic could be traced by the MOB if they had any Mages with them.


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