Laying Low

Inside the cavity was a hard-drive of all things, a 4 terabyte hard-drive. This thing had a lot of data on it. On the front of the metal encasement was an interesting insignia, monikered with Imperium on the bottom. This was certainly mysterious. Could definitely be worth something. He knew of a man in the slums, a quasi-clergy man of sorts, who was really good with this computer stuff.

"Okay, well that's odd. Anyway, Michael I need you to figure out where the hell Brianna Wesley went. We need her back in our custody now. Go, be quick."

After sending his lieutenant on an assignment, he made his leave, headed for Mr. Yie.

Meanwhile Jack was at the diner eating a big breakfast. Using magic left him hungry and he needed the carbs and protein. Of course the coffee was very much needed as his adrenaline was wearing off. It had been a while since he slept and he was tired. As a gum shoe detective he had odd hours and slept when he could. As he was slowly enjoying his meal he check his phone for news feeds and gossip chat lines. Jack knew that people had a hard time in general keeping their mouth shut and with the aid of the internet it gained a louder voice. So even though they used fake Identities and talked in slang the voice was still loud and proud as the chatter was making its way through blogs, open chats and various formats that were currently popular. Jack was not a big time participant but he learned from his mentors that you can learn a lot of from just listening to the gossip channels.

Oddly enough it didn't take long before there was chatter of one of Reinhart's pads getting hit by a rival looking to even the score and expand their territory. It sounded more blown out of proportion that it may have been, but there was no mention of Brianna Wesley or Jack being involved. Jack felt a bit at ease since it meant there were no leads on him yet. However that didn't mean they didn't have a magic user who could find him later on, so Jack needed to lay low for a while. The Reinhart was bad news and who knows how many of them there were. Since Jack was a small fry and they were a school of sharks he needed to watch his step for a while of they would go frenzy on his booticus. After he finished his meal he left a tip and headed to one of his safe houses to lay low. They were crappy houses in bad neighborhoods with a lot of food and secure WI-fi access. He picked up a few cheap pizzas along the way to snack on as he played scrabble on his phone. He sipped his whisky now and then to help him relax since he was on edge. Sleep was desired but more like a dream than reality these days.


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