Julius had ditched the secretary's car somewhere in the desert after Tobias came and picked him up. Kaleo was taking a nap in the back seat, using his abilities drained him tremendously. They headed back to the city, Julius was scheduled to meet with Catherine about another issue.

"Well that was an absolute fucking catastrophe. Goddamnit Julius, I'll never understand why I let you drag me into this bullshit." Tobias grimaced, recalling that he'd very narrowly escaped that fight. David had slowed them down, attempting to engage rather than flee. His ego always did get the better of him. One of the agents had managed to hit him, at this point they weren't sure if he was alive or dead.

"You drag yourself into it Dally, you still owe me remember? They'd have hanged your ass back in El Paso if I hadn't come along." Julius quipped, using the nickname he gave Tobias back when his name was Dallas.

Tobias shook his head, he knew Julius was right. Though that wouldn't stop him from constantly second guessing his choices.

They made it to the spot Catherine had asked them to, Kaleo remained asleep in the back. Both men stepped out of the car and approached the well dressed woman.

"Ah, Julius. Glad you could ma-" Catherine paused a moment, noticing some peculiur stains on Julius' shirt, "Is that blood?" She asked flattly.

"Not mine... anyway what do you want." He responded flippantly.

She sighed, not even wanting to inquire about the context. She noted Tobias' presence as well. Though a mercenary, he was always working for Julius. Shame, she could definitely use his skills. "Well, we've lost the Wesley girl. Gregory is on the hunt as we speak."

Julius could help but bust out laughing, "Oh goodness gracious kitty Cat I thought you were smarter than that. I guess it was just the blazer. I would ask how but honestly it doesn't matter to me. I told you that was a bad idea from the get go."

"You needn't be so facetious. Though frankly when have you ever been sincere in your life. Never the matter, we need to regain custody of her. Perhaps this will work out in our favor. The mother obviously didn't go to daddy dearest the first time around, she used some third party. A very capable one at that. Perhaps this time she'll do what we want." Catherine pulled out her phone and shot a text to her brother.

"We? I'm sorry do you have some mice in your pocket? There is no 'we' kitty Cat. I want no part of this. I've already ruffled M.E.C.A's feathers enough for the day, why would I want to accompany you in RE-kidnapping the daughter of a U.S. Senator? A Senator who vehemently opposes the Enchanted population. No thanks, I'm perfectly capable of fucking with the U.S. government all by myself." Julius turned to walk away, but Catherine piped up again.

"And what about you Mr. Kilgore? I've seen how efficient you are in these types of covert operations. Assist me in this endeavor and I will make you Midas rich." She mused, raising an eyebrow.

Tobias chuckled, "Sure, why the hell not. Just tell me when and where. Not like I got anything better to do."

"I'm headed to meet my brother in the city right now, come along. We're already late."

Tobias tossed his keys to Julius, "Don't scratch it, I've seen how you drive. I'll be in touch later on."

Julius caught the keys as he walked to the car, "Remember that story I told you about the Scorpion and the Frog? Watch out for that stinger Dally boy. Let me know how bad this fails." He started the car and drove off, time to get back to his horses.

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