Andrew woke with a start to find a well dressed man in his office. He put his glasses on to get a better look at the man. At first instinct, like most in the neighborhood, Caucasian men and suits means bad news – cops, social services, child protective services, debt collectors and the like. The truth was that the people in this neighbor hood were as scared of suits as the suits were scared of them. Andrew was puzzled because there was normally a look out for the church and if someone came they would let him know. There was something interesting about this fellow.

Andrew yawned as the man called him Mister Yie. That said a lot. He rose to shake Mr. Reinhart’s hand. “Did you drive here?” he asked. After getting a yes, he called for Michael, a skinny Hispanic teenage boy with black hair and brown eyes, dirty completion in his early teens came, sleepily wiping his eyes. Andrew asked him ‘Please watch our guests car in the lot.” If they didn’t the car would be on blocks and the tires sold. Given an hour the car would be down to the frame. He closed the door to the office and turned on a little radio, Spanish station, low but near the door so anyone trying to listen would have a hard time. “There is also a young mother and some children sleeping on the pews on the far side of the church.” He paused for a moment, “As you know it’s not safe sleeping out on the streets and and to get a family into a shelter.” He added, “They have had a long day so they will not bother us.” Andrew directed Gregory to the nice chair he had been napping in and took a folding chair from the card table that served as his desk.

“I’ve heard about you Mr. Reinhart. How can I help you?” Andrew asked.

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