Bad To Worse

OOC- Hey Jaxx, how do you want this interaction to start?
Well we can just miss each other a few times then meet by chance and have things go south real quick to add to the drama since MECA is watching Slade 24/7 like a slab of bait.
Catherine returned her attention to Gregory, "I want a sit down with Mr. Slade. I know you know where he is."

Gregory huffed, "Oh give it a rest Catherine. There's no point, the man doesn't answer to us and so long as we leave him alone, M.E.C.A leaves us alone."

"What about him leaving us alone? This would be the second time he had screwed us. I want a chat. Find him and bring him to our main offices."

"Don't say I didn't warn you..." Gregory turned and left the room.

Meanwhile at the abandoned church........................

“You know I thought I had a firm grasp on the English language but I did not understand a thing he just said?” Sai admitted to Hanna. As far as the fire starter was concerned the man was crazy. She looked to Hanna for direction as she fiddled absently with the sleeve of her sweatshirt. Hanna was kind and as far as Sai was concerned the only sane person from this era in the room right now.

Jack realized that he was dealing with a lot of negative emotions at this point and the blonde, Hannah, was rather hysterical at the moment. At this moment he just wanted to go home and drink a bottle of wine while relaxing, but he knew life was not so easy. So he rubbed his aching temples as he coaxed himself into doing this request. He looked at the ladies again and sighed.

Jack: Look lady its been a long two days for me and I really want to go back to sleep but if I do something bad will happen to all three of us. Now I get it that I am a stranger and you are having a lot of bad luck with guys at the moment, so I get it I really do. However if we don't get her to a safe place soon, I am worried some violent people will be coming here for her.


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