The Great Las Vegas Train Heist

With the standard Sargent grunted an I didn't plan anything. That is why everyone was in position already and with a couple hand signals the kids started moving. One set started pushing dumpsters to block the track while another flipped the switch and pinned it to force a fault. Undoing a couple bolts and the flag was set to show a straight passage and not the turn the train was going to make. That would get the train to stop to check it out with the station. The kids wore masks and gloves and stayed out of sight.

One kid started to give hand signal order to his squad. They would be on the engine in a mater of moments. They would take the engineers hostage and leave them for and then train would slow to a creep allowing others to get on before it resumed its slow travel up around the edge of the military base past the airport.

His kids have raided truck, vans, and mostly small snach-and-grabs. This was a whole new game.

One kid sat on his bicycle waiting to block the agents coming out of the train yard. Hitting a kid on a bicycle tends to generate a lot of paperwork and slows things down.

The real hit would come from Julius and his team.

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