Gregory walked into to the office and tossed his keys on the table, then promptly sat down on the couch.

"Well that went exactly as well as I knew it would. I'm sure you've seen the news..." he leaned forward and placed his face in his hands.

Catherine scoffed, "Yes. I did. I don't even want to know the details."

"Well, isn't that just stellar. You made this mess. I told you he wouldn't comply. He has no incentive. He doesn't respect the order of things. Of course, why should he? Friends in much higher places than we..." Gregory slouched back on the couch.

"Friends in high places? Last I checked we are the high place. Perhaps I should have a conversation with him... I do have a tendency to be more persuasive." Catherine quipped.

"Persuasive? Uh huh, sure. Well go ahead, be my guest. He's got a girlfriend though... well... a prostitute anyway. That's what those mafia wannabes were there about. I guess he's hiding her from them. So much for your persuasiveness."

Catherine perked up hearing this. "Wait... you said a prostitute?"

"Yes. The men that came said that Jerome didn't like people poaching his girls. Clearly a reference to working girls. I found the woman's hair tie in his apartment too." He tossed the band as he mentioned it.

Catherine caught it, breifly inspecting it as well. "And Jerome, you say? As in Jerome Barnett? The 5th Street Rideouts gang leader?"

Gregory sat up, realizing this information was somehow valuable. "Yes... I would assume so. How many pimp's named Jerome can there be? Why? What are you thinking?"

Catherine pursed her lips, a devious grin spreading across her face. "Jerome used to do work grunt for Julius. Despite his general lack of a moral compass, Julius drew the line at prostitution. But, it would be bad for business if he offed one his top earners. Instead, he allowed Jerome to start his own venture, as long as they had an understanding. Due to the abundance of prostitutes here in the city, Jerome needed something to stand out. So his girls are all underage, attracting the more wealthy and perverted clientele."

Gregory's eyes lit up, "So you're saying that Jack Slade is getting busy with a child prostitute?"

"I don't know. But the reality of the situation doesn't matter, we just need to manufacture the perception. And speaking of blackmail, I've recently had a conversation with Senator Kincaid... he knows what he needs to do. Meanwhile, I think I will go have a chat with our favorite P.I."

OOC: Catherine is going to crash Jack's dinner. Assume the restaurant is either owned or in some way associated by their company I suppose.

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