Something new but looks like home

Sai smiled making shy small talk with the proprietor in mandarin. There was so much to look at and it all looked so very expensive, more so giving Sai’s lack of fund. She felt less like a friend and more like a leech at the moment. All the clothing look nice but it just seemed all so weird at the moment.

She finally spotted something that caught her attention. It was a small section Hanfu and Ruqun Hanfu’s! It stirred an old feeling of nostalgia in Sai and she felt the mix of silk and fabric. “Would this be okay?” Sai question looking to Hanna. “Or should I go with something more modern.” Even she had to admit the more traditional Tang Dynasty style clothing may not exactly blend in. If Hannah didn’t think it was a good idea she could simply just match up with what Hannah got.

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