Catching Up

Niles: I am sad to say you lack a choice in the matter since SHE is coming.

Jack: Oh come on! Tonight of all times?

Niles: Yes sir I have just been notified.

Jack: Ahhhhh man! How much time do I have?

Niles: Two hours sir and I have already made a reservation at Mon Tres for the two of you since she is rather fond of it.

Jack: Yeah thanks. I guess I'll get cleaned up and ready. Man why do I always get the crap end of the stick?

Niles: Must be your winning smile and charming personality sir.

Jack: Don't get smarmy with me Niles. I am not in the mood. That woman scares the crap out of me and you know it.

After getting all cleaned up, Jack drove over to the restaurant to have dinner with a female who literally made him tremble. After getting the car Valet parked, he made his way to the Maitre'D who looked very snobby. The Maitre'D was looking down on Jack till he mentioned who he was meeting, then the Maitre'D changed his tone quickly and took Jack's trench coat and hat before escorting him to the table. Jack could feel the stairs from the other patrons as he got closer to the table and it unnerved him. The brief walk felt like forever despite being a mere half minute. Once they arrived Jack greeted the woman at the table. He felt sick as she looked at him with a dark smile. Just her aura alone made him tremble as the shaking Maitre'D pulled out the chair for Jack. The Maitre'D quickly left and poor Jack was now alone with the small Asari woman who was very slender and only four ft tall. Though she looked delicate she was both feared and respected by anyone with a desire to live. Jack had the misfortune to be in her debt and was dreading it severely.

Jack: You look amazing as always Mia. Forgive my ignorance, but is this a special occasion?

Mia: I find it cute how you can say that and not sound like a total suck up.

Jack: Did I do something to make you mad?

Mia: Not yet little Jack. Can't I visit my little pet and play with him?

Jack: Please be gentle. I am still traumatized by the last time.

Mia: Your fear is enticing little Jack.

Mia continued to tease poor Jack as she found him entertaining. A waiter cam by and took her order as she ordered for Jack as well. Jack was on edge as her aura was directed at him enough to make him shake in fear. Anyone who dared to interrupt them without permission would quickly find the gravity around them increase, body convulse and a strong urge to soil themselves.


Andrew stopped at a pay phone, pulled out an phone number for a P.I. he had used a few times to save people who had gotten in over their heads in trouble. Jack Slade was a nice guy, a little naive, and a lot trusting. He had a reputation for helping the underdog and the down and out. Andrew appreciated and respected that.

He dropped the coins into one of the last remaining pay phones in the world outside a convenience store. He waited for the phone to be answered.

It was answered by one of Jack's servants. Andrew knew he was doing this mage thing wrong. "Hello, this is Father Andrew Yie and I need his help with a problem. Actually, I'm over my head in a problem. I would love to meet with him for his advice, maybe for dinner?" Andrew asked. "He knows how to find me," Andrew said not wanting to give his cellular phone number.

Niles took the message and would send it to Jack later on since it was not wise to disturb Mia when she was playing with her pets.


Izy and her partner pulled up outside of Jack's house. Being the lowest on the totem pole, she got the worst jobs. One of the perps had sang a tune about Jack doing an underage prostitute. Izy didn't believe it. But a report is a report and some times the scum tell the truth. She had no choice but to investigate. She waved to the undercover cops parked outside. They had a rough day too, gun fight going down.

Izy knocked on the door as her partner stayed back. He had a camera and one of those funny lenses, She had the forensic kit in her hands. A wonderful little kit that used magic to collect evidence. It was funny how M.E.C.A. used magic to fight magic. She knew that not all of the mages were evil, but some were. Jack was a guy that tried to do the right thing and the world bit him in the butt for it. How many cases were broken by Jack that her superiors took credit for? They parked a car right out in front of his house. Jack when he got excited on a case had a tendency to destroy buildings with his magic. So having a car parked outside was also in the public's best interest. They had video of two girls going into his house, Gregory Reinhart showing up, this guy called Jerome and his goons, and a fight were people died. Magic was involved.

From what Izy had seen, the girl could probably take her close off and jump in Jack's lap and he would probably ask if the house was too warm as the chair he was sitting on broke. She had seen girls hit on him and he did not notice. She had come to learn that when it comes to magic users, they are all weird.

"Come on, we've got to get this done and go look into the train heist after the corrupt the site of course," Izy said to her partner. She knocked on the door again. Papers in her hand and badge on her belt. Maybe Jack would have some good coffee for them to drink.

Niles noticed the two outside looking for an invite. He was well aware of what they wanted and who they were. So he ignored the door and began to calmly and quietly erase all evidence of both females in the house to protect Jack. Since Jack was out with Mia he had a legal excuse for not answering the door.

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