Catherine walked briskly to the table that she'd seen Jack sit down at. She felt it was fate when she learned that he'd been named on a reservation at her restaurant. She noticed he was meeting with a woman. She didn't quite know how, but she recognized her. It was an odd feeling. She slid the chair out from underneathe the table and sat down rather abruptly.

"Pardon the intrusion, but Mr. Slade you and I are long overdue a conversation. Miss, I don't know what your affiliation is with young Jack here, but I sincerely doubt you'll want to maintain that affiliation given the impending course of events." Her tone was flat and unwavering. She raised her hand, then with the snap of her finger, security poured into the restaurant, clearing the remaining patrons from the area. Within seconds they were the only three people left in the restaurant, even the security guards had left.

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