Jaxx, you don't seem to understand the depth of my grievance. It seems entirely lost on you exactly why I am so angry. I have allowed you into my games before to the exact same end, where you consistently introduce random new characters who's sole purpose is bolster the importance of your main character. You also have a tendency to meta game your character, giving them 4th world knowledge that they shouldn't logically have. This is a major issue in your game play style and if you don't correct it, nobody will allow you into their game. Even as a moderator, I introduce new characters for plot purposes, not just to give my orginal characters someone to talk to. There's no reason why we need to know that Jack has a lot of enemies or that he's ambiguously in debt to more than one overmage. Your creation of Mai is an overt demonstration of your inability to play within the bounds of the game. I had a two day email correspondance with Winters regarding her character, who ostensibly would be exponentially more powerful than everyone else, just to ensure her character would add to the story, not detract from it. Little does Winters know, I have a fantastic plot in mind for her search of the Dragon should she seek my help. That's what I'm here for, to help. But instead of asking my thoughts about introducing a god like character into my game, you just did. And you used it to attack and disable one of my characters, which is a specific no no in the game description.

I will allow you to continue your story line here, as I don't share the opinion of some that it necessarily detracts from the main plot. But, for lack of a better phrasing, stop playing with yourself. If you create characters they need to be valuable to all the plots, not just yours. I see no reason to approve Mai since her character seems exclusively attached to yours. Her history is vague and her powers are even moreso. You need to not only be specific with her abilities, but incorporate weaknesses as well. Power gaming just makes you look like an inconsiderate tool.

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