Catherine glared at Jack, entirely indifferent to the woman sitting across from him. Clearly Jack was scared of her, but that was neither here nor there.

"Mr. Slade, my brother came to politely ask you for a parlay, but based on his report you treated him with an insurmountable disrespect and even attempted to have him harmed by a group of armed men seeking a fight with you. Of course, this is all consequent to your repeated interference in my organization. As a result you've forced my hand. By this time tomorrow evening, your face will be plastered all over news. Child prostitution is a grave taboo Mr. Slade..." She stood up, dropping several bills on the table, presumably to pay for their meal.

"You do have another option, should you not want to wear a scarlett letter in a city of 640,000 people. But that will require you coming to me.... you have 24 hours." Catherine turned over to the small woman, who for the most part has been quietly observing. "As I said, it's in your best interest to discontinue your association with this man. Whatever your business may be, it's not good to be seen with a child sex offender. Good day to you both, and enjoy the meal!"

Catherine walked out of the building, as the other patrons immediately started pouring back in.

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