It stinks in here...

Even after she had recovered from her astral jaunt, Kareena continued to sit on the floor of the office she was temporarily residing in. Alone and away from Cross, she now had time to think about her current assignment, and what she was coming up with bothered her. The way Cross had described Enchanted while she was in the office was disturbing to her to say the least. And then there was the way he was running that other agent off the books and totally outside regs. Kareena did not follow the book 100%. She was too old for that. But this was beyond normal.

Cross had his own agenda, Kareena realized. What it was, she didn’t know…yet. But it was clear to her she had at least two enemies in town now. But even if she figured out Cross’ little game, what then? Kareena knew that M.E.C.A. had its fair share of issues with the Enchanted. It was one of the reasons why she was one of the few in the agency. And as long as she stayed within the agency, she was under his thumb.

Kareena swore in Hindi under her breath. She had landed in a shitstorm, probably without the LA field office knowing. Surprise! She was too old and powerful for this kind of crap. M.E.C.A. was always a convenient way for her to help her fellow Enchanted, but Kareena wasn’t beholden to it and could always pull the plug without any regrets.

Kareena sighed. She would continue to act like she was obeying Cross’ orders, at least until she could figure out what was going on, but would not trust him one inch.

“Watch your ass, girl, nobody here is on the side of the angels,” Kareena muttered to herself.

On the plus side, Kareena’s astral recon had given her a very good overview of the city and its magical centers of power. She had found the astral traces of the three who were in the Gala during the battle. And that was where she was ahead of the game. To her, astral traces were like scents. And much like a bloodhound, Kareena could track and identify individuals with them. But Cross didn’t know that. In fact very few within M.E.C.A. did. Kareena rightfully feared she would be used as an attack hound against other Enchanted. Something Cross probably would do with her if he knew. Kareena gritted her teeth.

Fine by me Cross…let’s play.

Cross had now made enemies with a powerful seer. And while he would take magical precautions, there were plenty of ways she could use her abilities he couldn’t defend against.

Kareena got up from the office floor. It was time to follow her own agenda, starting with figuring out that other agent. Kareena walked out of the office and down to hall, heading to the field office’s exit.

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