Tying up a loose ends...

As Izzy was coming on to her first shift as a new VA Doctor, some pushed a code blue alarm. Arched in the bed was Gabriel Wather struggling to breath. The diseases had finally gotten to the point where his body could not continue without the magical support, As she tried to straighten his head to intubate him, He grabbed her hand and held it with a pleading look, it wasn't a look of fear, it was a look of let me go. It didn't take long for his heart to stop. Protocols were followed and documented. It had been a long time since Izzy had watched a person die. Her heart was sad.

When the trama team left, she offered to help prepare the body for the morgue. She helped wash the body checking the stumps of his legs. There were signs of gangreen and magic burns. He had been using magic to keep himself alive and probably to let him walk. She had a lead to go on now. She let the nurses take the body to the morgue. She would let Cross know when she was contacted. She typed it up in her phone.

------------------------------------------ going wrong.. -----------------------------------------

At the end of her shift around 5 am, Izzy pulled into a mexican grocery store to pick some things up. As she went to get out of her car, two men attacked her. She dropped her phone and kicked it under the car along with a shoe and tried to grab her holdout gun. A needle was shoved into her and then the fire started to rush through her body. She spasmed and grasped for air as the she clawed at the men trying to leave as much physical evidence as she could. As she collapsed they threw her into a vehicle. Ryan was driving.

"The client will pay well for her," Jerome said. "He likes them to fight." As he ran his hand up her dress he found her holdout and running his land further up in her clothing, he found her shield. "Let's drop her off with the client and get away from this one." he said. Then looking at the badge he asks, "What the hell is MECA?"

The next day Agent Izzy's body was found naked and positioned in a very obscene way out in the desert. Some called it in to the MECA office and to the news media from a payphone which was wiped clean.

Someone had a cop's shield and holdout weapon and wanted people to know it.

ooc: Ryan, you are dealing with a sick puppy. It wasn't a pg-13 rated body search he performed..

Ooc: there was magic and drugs in the needle too for You agents.

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