Moon over the university.

Andrew spent the night in a cell. This meant that the theft was discovered and he was questioned. Having him found in a locked room, that they knew was locked before he was discovered made them believe that he had nothing to do with the theft.

In the morning, the school new paper headline:

[B]Nackter Mann rannte durch die Gebäude des Campus[/b]
with a picture of his backside running down the hall.

When the released him wearing sweatpants and tee shirt from the lost and found. They returned his little box, a copy of the newspaper, and an official court order banning him from campus. They loaded him in a squad car and drove him to the library.

Eventually he got computer access and disappeared leaving behind his sweatpants and tee shirt. He was glad to be back at his church. Even happier to be able to get dressed.

He was going to have the student paper framed to hang on his office wall.

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