Juus Drahein

As night fell, Kaleo prepared the alter for the blood seal between Julius and Lillian. They elected to do this quietly, so as to avoid any questions from their guests. Lillian was obviously nervous, having never participated in a Native American ritual before. Kaleo quietly chanted Paiute blessings as he unsheathed the blade and heated it up over a torch. Julius rested his hand on her shoulder, hoping to calm her.

"Don't worry Red, I'll take the pain away when we're done."

Julius laid his hand down on the table, then placed Lillian's hand on top of his own. Kaleo was quick, stabbing the knife down through both of them, pinning their hands to the alter. Lillian gasped, but the knife was sharp and hot enough to minimize the pain, plus Julius was coursing some of his magic through her. Kaleo finished the rites, then removed the knife. Keeping their hands together, they rotated the palms so that the blood would flow between them. There began a hot sensation, as they shared their essence. Suddenly Lillian was able to feel everything Julius could feel, it was incredible.

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