Julius braced her, wondering if she would faint. As the blood coursed through them, he felt the bond solidifying. The cauldron beneathe their hands had been collecting run off, and at this point was completely full. When the transference has finalized, Julius initiated his magic again to heal their hands. Kaleo took the run off blood, then mixed it with the ink. He poured it into the chisel, and raised Lillian's sleve. With a slight pinch, the ink submerged under her skin then began to take it's shape. The triangle manifested first, mirroring the one Julius, Kaleo and Aiyana bore. Then the ornaments around it became personalized, symbolizing Lillian's essence and personalizing according to her subconscious.

Finally the ritual was completed. The adrenaline began to subside, at least for Julius. He'd done this dozens of times, but these sensations were completely foreign to Lillian. Julius' tattoo began to glow, as it added Lillian's signature. He breathed deeply, embracing these sensations.

"Are you okay Red? It's done, what do you think of your brand?"

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