Hello darkness

Ding, a phone number. Perfect. Michelle strode out of the building with her head lifted slightly, overjoyed to have been entrusted with such an important task. If she screwed this up, then she'd officially admit that she was the most incompetent agent MECA had the misfortune of employing! Well, no. She'd actually just cry, given her track record. Hopefully not in front of Agent Boyle though. She didn't know him well enough to just collapse and bawl her eyes out while they were conducting professional business. She'd just have to be a big girl and complete her mission. Her step-dad had always encouraged her to toughen up a bit. He was a good guy, her step-dad. Taught her lots of stuff about shooting. Supplied them with a fresh duck or deer every now and then.

They'd be disappointed, no doubt. Neither of her parents had wanted her to take such a violent path. She could see it in their faces, hear in their words, everything. It'd been one of the few times that Michelle had consciously gone against their wishes and pushed through the roadblocks obstructing MECA. Maybe they just wouldn't ask if she was still on sabbatical? That would preemptively solve every potential problem with her jumping back into the field. Yet Michelle wondered why she was even considering hiding her passion for...murder. It sounded bad actually, but it was for the sake of an ongoing war. In a way, her sins were her sacrifice. Well, that and her revenge. Michelle wasn't about to admit that though.

Shutting herself in her car, Michelle dialed the number and settled down to listen to her phone ring.

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