Ice magic

Lillian smiled she Hanna and Sai. She pushed herself away from Julius. She nearly tripped over her own feet. He put her hand against julius’s chest regain her balance. He was the closest one to her. She blinked rapidly and shook her head still trying to get use to the enhanced senses. Wail Hanna was looking fe ingredince.

By the time Hanna returned Lillian was much better she still felt a little strange but was much better the a while ago. “ snow I can try I’m not entirely shure how I did it the first time. Hold still” Lillian said she had noticed the bruise on hanna’s face. She put her finger tips agenst the bruse.

Hanna would feel the cold from Lillian’s magic but it was not enough to hurt her her. It would ease any pain and swelling going on. “ that should help it heal” she said. Then thought about the snow how had she done that the first time she had only thrown a cup of water and Julius and Kaloe and yet she had covered the living room with a thin layer of snow. She looked at Kaloe. “ did you see anything different happen when I throw the snow at you and Julius. “ she asked.

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