“ not exactly magic sometimes brakes the laws of nature.. I’m still learning the extent of my powers I have ice magic” she said with as smile still thinking then it hit her. She could control how cold she mad sumthing and how an object froze.

“ ohhh that makes sence. When I freeze something on purpose it’s like time slows down I can see each and every crystal of ice form and I can see how it form and control it” Lillian said she went and got a bowl of water and tryed it her first two attempts failed completely the bowls filled with ice instead of snow.

She emptied them and tryed again. This attempt two was Also dizaturus she senses up with shush or paralyzed melted snow. It took 15 more attempts in total before she managed to get snow like what she throw at Julius and Kaleo. She set the bowls down on the kitchen counter and froze the metal to keep the snow cold.

“ Here you go Hanna caarful I freeze the bowl to keep the snow from melting” she said with a smile.

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