New to town

Toni pulled into the hotel parking lot and parked under the lights and in two spots. The black car screamed, I'm not from here.

He pulled himself out of the car, stretched. Three days of driving and he was finally to his new assignment. Las Vegas, sin city. He unlocked the mountain bike from his bike rack and lifted it down. The bike cost more than he would want to tell anyone. But he enjoyed the exercise that it gave him.

Catherine Reinhart had called in a couple favors to get him out here. The word was that she was a player with a temper when things didn't go her way. The other word was there was a feud brewing that could mean trouble if it wasn't quick and painless.

To be clear Tony wasn't loyal to Catherine, he was loyal to the family, she was one part. She could give him orders and he would try to fulfill them. But Tony knew that he wasn't part of the Royal court of the Reinhart family, more like the black sheep, a mundane. He had wacked a couple mages for the family, but that was dangerous work that he preferred to stay away from. Mages tended to have friends and influential people. They also tended to be overly cautious at times.

Hearing a report that Vegas went into Code Black, didn't help his mood. He was a con that liked to live well. It meant more police and agents. It meant more people asking questions and more surveillance.

He checked into the hotel, it was nice but not five stars. Got his room and wheeled his bicycle up to the room. He handed the porter a twenty and asked him to carefully retrieve the three plastic totes from the car then lock it. The kid grumbled about his parking job. When the totes made it to his room, he checked his phone to see that the car was indeed locked. He gave the kid another twenty.

He flopped on the bed looking at the news paper. The dead agent was on the bottom half, martial law for magic users was on the top. He picked up the phone and called Catherine's private number, or at least the one he was given. It rang to voice mail and he left a message, "This is Tony, I'm in town." The hotel number would display on her caller id.

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