Only 16

Hannah looked at Lillian and Sai, “I’m 16.”

“So, I’ve got a dumb cultural question,” she stated then asks with teen intensity, “Am I unclean? Should I go stay in the barn for a week or something?” She looked at Lillian and say, “I’ve seen Julius heal himself and a guy he shot,” she says then points to the side of her face. “It seems to me that he could lay on hand on that and poof, it could be really healed.”

She takes a swig of coke then says, “If it is a gender thing, Maybe the shop owner, Nadia I think, might be able to heal me.”

“Medical care is not something you get on the streets,” she said. Then, “Oh, shoot,” came from her lips. Hannah darted out of the room to go get the antibiotic the doctor gave her. She came back with the white horse pill and took it with the last of the coke.

She listened to Lillian and Sai, some of the cultural ramifications were going over her.

Sitting back Hannah finally jumps back into the conversation, “Okay! Okay!” She puts her hands up, “The grampa thing is not as creapy as the come sit in my lap little girl stuff that has been done to me.” She takes a deep breath then starts talking.

“First off, I am liar and a cheat. I had to become one, I can play the con and have black mailed people. I am good at it. Julius has every right to be nervious about me. I know what people would pay for even a small part of the secrets I hold. Julius even threatened to kill me to protect his secrets.”

“Second, I am a queen of secrets. I carry more secrets around than I should. I know a lot of things a sixteen year old should not know. I know about peoples lives. I carry their secrets and I can’t react when I see them on the street.”

“The only family I have is dead and my adopted “family” made me turn tricks. My friend was killed by the guy that Julius was fighting with. So, I get the crappy family life thing. I know what is like to want to belong and feel safe. The difference is you were saved because of what you are and what can do...” Hannah says.

Hannah looks at Lillian then continues, “I could have sold Julius out and I could have set him up. If you don’t believe me ask Kaleo for the note he has from me. I don’t want to hurt him or any of you. I’d just like to belong somewhere too.”

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