“ no that’s not what I ment I was shooked that’s all I mean you are younger then I am. I did not ecspect that. I’m sorry I did not mean to upset you” Lillian said. She genuinely had not actually ment anything by the question she was just surprised. As Hanna dissapered she thought thought about the rest of what Hanna had said.

“ I’ll ask Julius about healing you after he gets back we should probably make something to put him in a good mood. He likes penutbutter” she said thoughtfully trailing off lost in thought again. “ oh I know have you guys ever made Penutbutter balls there kind of like homemade resses. My family used to make them around the holidays. You want to learn how to make them it’s more fun went there is more people” Lillian said. She let Hanna’s past drop for now. Hanna would tell her when and if she wanted to. As far as Lillian was consurned she had people her age to hang out with and she was perfectly content with that.

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