After a couple hours of interrogation to which Tony did not have much to offer, having just arriving to Las Vegas. Cross finally cut him loose. Tony promised that if her heard anything about the cop killer, he would let Cross know right away.

His stuff in the room had been opened and gone through. One thing about Tony is he liked his stuff just so. As the agent dropped him off at his door, he told his escort,
"Next time you's go through my stuff, you could just as well put it in the drawers."

He changed into his mountain biking clothes neon yellow, orange, and black, donned his body armor, put on his elbow, knee and tail bone protectors and the bike shoes that had a clip for the peddles. Next came the gloves and the sun glasses. The final touch was a survival knives on the bike frame and one on his arm. He use to carry a sidearm till his run in with Cross.

He put on his talismans, A Saint Christopher metal - protects his body from physical impacts. Because, bike vs. New York Cab, ain't a nice sight if you know what I mean. Then came his kinetic elements, they steal a little energy as moves. Wonderful if he needs a burst of speed on the bike, needs to throw a heavy punch, or jump. His bike had a little anemometer attached to the speedometer that he detached and connected the drive cable to the unit. It was also a kinetic energy store, that could be taped into for propulsion of the bike. It had been charging as it was spinning its way across the country.

Down the elevator he went with the Bike in tow. He would get his instructions when he got out of town.

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