Kaleo followed Lillian up as she carried the box, it wasn't very large but any misstep would be catastrophic. This cube carried an immense amount of magical energy, and was something Julius had been developing for decades. Aside from siphoning the power from it, he hadn't been able to accomplish much else. Months ago he'd given stones to the other families, telling them they were capable of storing their abilities should they ever be captured by MECA. He'd deliberately omitted that they absorbed nearby magic at all times, transmitting it to this primary source.. ostensibly for his consumption.

Lillian laid Wanyudo down on Julius chest. Almost immediately the cube began to pulse with a warm, piercing light. The color in Julius skin began to return, ever so faintly. He was no longer cold and pale, his cheeks blushed as the blood started to flow... but he didn't wake up. Life came back to his internal systems, his heart was beating again. Still, he didn't wake up.

After several moments, the wound in his head started to gush, as it hadn't yet healed. Blood poured out, carrying with it the trace amounts of the sedative still left in his system. It flowed over Lillian's hands, but the light was too blinding to see through. As the drug left his system, the wound sealed and then....


Julius breathed in hard, his eyes opening abruptly. He clenched the couch, shooting straight up and continuing to claw at every breath. His chest contracted and expanded rapidly, his faculties slowly returning to him. Kaleo grabbed Lillian, hoping she'd keep hold of the box as Julius thrashed about. His resurrection was violent, and he was too confused at the moment to be calmed.

"Lillian, go back to the chamber. Once you get Wanyudo back on the pyre, hit the red button to seal it inside. The door will close automatically once you leave. Hurry!"

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