Kaleo held Julius down as he became reanimated. His sense hadn't fully returned, and he was thrashing about, attempting to recover. Kaleo reached into his coat and retrieved the syringe they'd gotten from the doctor, and then plunged it directly into Julius thigh. The effect was almost immediate. His eyes rolled back and he just breathed.. deeply. Julius looked over at Kaleo and blinked, once or maybe twice. It was coming back to him. The fight... the rifle....

"Khta, khta moi erhuya?" He hadn't put all the pieces back together yet, causing him to lose english momentarily.

"Wapuam, shishun hem t'cha khetsi.." Kaleo responded, patting Julius on the chest.

After a moment or two, Julius stood up, dizzy from the imbalance in his blood flow. He walked about, feeling the stiffness leave his body.

"They killed me?" He asked, bent over at the waist, bracing the couch.

"Something like that... we thought you were really gone brother... except Lillian. She never gave up hope... here she comes now-" Kaleo gestured toward the doorway as Lillian ran back inside.

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