Julius wrapped his arms around Lillian after she leapt onto him, squeezing his neck tighter than an anaconda. He held her close, patting her back and trying to comfort her.

"Yeah Red, I'm okay... I'm back." As they spoke, they both felt a brief singe on their shoulders, where Julius' seal had reconnected. It was quick and painless, but noticeable nonetheless. Julius gently placed Lillian on the ground, but she wouldn't let go.

"Aiyana will have felt the seal come back... wherever she is. She knows." Kaleo said.

Julius pryed Lillian away and gave her an endearing pat on the head. His mind was finally clear... his perspective altered however. He couldn't believe he'd allowed them to get the drop on him. Generally he was far more accute than that. He stepped out the house, allowing the cool breeze to touch his face. He inhaled sharply, holding it in. Returning from the land of the dead was rather... apprehensive.

"Let's go visit our guests in the barn. They might like to see the I'm okay... at least two of them will." Julius felt his mind unclouded. Wanyudo... the darkness was gone. And for the first time in a long... long time... he felt good.

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