Order in the Court

Vincent had been waiting for hours for that scrawny FBI agent to return. This RICO bust was pretty solid... if you ignore the manufactured evidence. Though who would trust the word of a filthy enchanted over a trusted government agent? Nobody. That's why that agent's guilt was about to become too extreme to bear and he was going to confess, in front of the judge, all of his misdeeds.

Finally the man had returned, beads of sweat clinging to his face. Unlike MECA, the FBI didn't have special jewelry to protect them from intrusive magic. The man looked like he was about to vomit.

"Okay M-Mr. Carnegie. Time to take you to your arraignment..." As he spoke, two swat members came in and unshackled him from the table. Then escorted him down the hallway of the Metro PD. None of the officers would even look at Vincent, they knew his current predicament was only temporary.

They made their way across the catwalk and into the main lobby of courtroom 4. Vincent saw his attorney there and as he approached, the guards left and went back to the station.

"Vince, look at me buddy. They ain't got shit on you. It's all circumstantial. We'll have you out on bail in 20 minutes tops-"

"Edgar, relax. I've got it handled."

"What? How? You mean-" He looked around to check for any unwanted listeners before whispering, "You hit him with your woo woo shit?"

"Don't worry about it Edgar... all is well."

They entered the courtroom, the judge taking his seat. The prosecution stood up and listed the charges, the judge looked to the arresting officer to affirm them. The man stood up, the sweat practically dripping off of him. He found it impossibly difficult to speak, stuttering incoherently. Finally... he broke down.

"Y-y-y- NO! FUCK! NO! I fucking planted it. All the evidence! He's one of them and I just... I wanted him locked up. He's DANGEROUS your Honor. Please... just put him away. Forget the fucking RICO, just put this disgusting animal in prison. It isn't even human..."

The judge was speechless, bashing his gavel as loudly as he could. The baliff grabbed the agent and began dragging him out... as the doors shut, a rather awkward silence fell over the courtroom. Vincent sat smugly, fiddling with his cufflink. Edgar leaned into the mic, "Well... uhm... I move to dismiss all the charges in light of recent developments."

The prosecutor closed his binder, shaking his head with complete dismay. "Prosecution is no contendere your Honor."

The judge sighed, then banged the gavel once again, "Case dismissed! Next!"

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