Julius nodded at Lillian, "Yes, I'll help her if she wants."

They walked inside, Sai and Will talking fervently about something, Julius didn't quite catch it. Kaleo followed behind and chuckled as he saw Hannah with Julius' old gun belt and revolver. Julius grinned at the sight, it'd been a long time since he'd ever looked through all the old stuff. The pistol was still in remarkable condition, probably worth a small fortune at this point. Stepped over to Hannah, gently taking the pistol from her. He proceeded to twirl it rapidly in his hand, performing an array of tricks before returning it back to her holster telekinetically. He patted her on the shoulder, and in an instant the bruising on her face had vanished.

"Sorry about yesterday's events... I hear you two put on quite a show-" He said, turning his attention to Will and Sai. He took a seat on one of the stools, leaning back against the wall.

"I made a mistake... and almost paid the ultimate price for it. MECA knows my face now, or at least some of it..." he quipped at the thought of a giant hole in his head.

"I want to thank you two for helping my brother and sisters, things could have been rather tragic if not for your intervention. And Sai, I hold no grudges in regard to your secrecy. As they say true power is best left concealed." He rattled off that last bit in Mandarin, hoping she didn't speak Cantonese instead. Languages weren't his strongsuit, but he had a long standing relationship with the Triad and so he knew this tounge well. It wasn't the only one either.

Kaleo noticed his motorcycle in the back, the engine had nearly been completely restored. He'd gathered the parts years ago, but never got around to actually putting it back together. He smiled at the grease covered teenager, glad to see she was good for something.. and that she was enjoying herself.

"Hannah, Sai, Will... I have no desire to hold you against your will. I'm tired.. I'm ancient... I have one last thing to fight for, and frankly I don't want to be dragging you through the mud with me. This recent experience has brought me some much needed perspective. You're welcome to stay, but the choice is yours."

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