New Life

Will hushed as the others entered. He still had to see how Kaleo and his sister(he thought) were, but Julius gave off a constant aura of fuck off.
"It is good to see you have recovered, mayhaps MECA will consider such an attack foolhardy next time."
He couldn't see why they would persist.
Lucian brooded in his motel room. After the fiasco with Nineveh, his superiors had reamed him for his inferiority in the matter.
His ear piece lay in front of him, it had done so for several hours as he thought about Sai.
An ancient like him, that still knew honor and civility in battle. All he had seen with MECA was an uncontained hatred for his people. It was a cycle that had bothered him for centuries. Nostalgia struck him as he drifted back to his glory days, riding through the the Old and New world in the glorious armor of the conquistador. Praises sung to him as he traveled, being knighted by King Charles V, beloved and respected throughout Spain.
Now, all humans wanted to do was blame others and gain whatever power they could in their small lifetime.
Lucian stood from his seat, pacing the floor as a new fire burned within him. Humanity showed no signs of coming to their senses on their own.
He brought out a case that he always carried, opening it to reveal an ancient uniform. It wasn't his original, that had been too worn to be preserved, but he was lucky to have found the same tailor before he died and got a extra suit.
Making sure it remained intact, he closed it.
Reporters would claim the fire started from faulty wiring. Lucian stood in the gathered crowd, knowing they wouldn't find his laptop, nor anything else linking him to MECA.
"Best of luck Cross, I hope to never cross your path again."

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