Hannah laughs. "So when has our government agency been afraid to attack to attack someone elses home? Woumded Knee? Germany? Iraq?" She asked. "They think you are on the run and Nineveh is dead.. They would throw everything they have at you just to have a victory to put in the news." She said.

"Their weakness is they are scared of you. Your weakness is you think they are going to play by some old rules. The American way is to pound the enemy till they fall over then kick them in the nuts till they stop moving." She said.

"When the revolution happened did the seperatists line up in neat rows like the british? No, they fought dirty. Hiding behind trees and fences and shot the british as they marched." She said, "They have to get lucky once and we all fall."

She smiles, "If you want to win, you need to get the public on your side. Killing them as they try to kill you is old school. PR war"

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