St. Jude

Julius didn't care for more talk of conflict. He'd had enough of that. Something about his death had changed him. The fire... the rage... it was gone. He thought of the best way to end this animosity, but frankly no ideas struck his fancy. Then Hannah said something that he wish he'd thought of sooner... healing. Julius had the power to heal anyone and everyone. Healing didn't drain him, the way telekinesis did. He could walk into any hospital in the city and heal the every patient in there with a touch. Yes... that was it. His plans for Wanyudo would have to wait. As soon as Lillian was strong enough to keep it cold for longer, they'd be able to bring into play. Until then they needed to figure out another strategy.

Lillian tried to explain to Sai the issues at hand. She was mostly right, M.E.C.A hunted people down if they were Enchanted, but it wasn't exactly illegal. Civil rights activists had that overturned in the 90's, so now the government is far more clandestine in their attempts to quash the Enchanted population. Essentially, the use of magic was a capital offense. So for Julius, any time he healed himself or someone else he was committing a crime punishable by death. This is what he would exploit. It was time to officially reveal himself to the world, and Hannah had the perfect plan in mind. This ranch would soon be compromised, though it had the advantage of being tribally owned which would act as a red tape barrier for a while.

"Hannah... I like that idea. Let's go to the hospital." With that, he stood up and walked towards the SUV.

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