Change of Heart

Will had listened to the ensuing conversation with interest. Not only were they fugitives of the law, they were outright illegal to be alive.
Julius's decision surprised him. For a man that had threatened him because of a simple doubt to decide to waltz back into the fray at his own risk
"Sir Julius, with current events being what they are, it doesn't seem like the ideal plan to return the same day you escaped. Perhaps we could prepare for this healing on another day?"
He wasn't a coward, but the thought of bringing Hell onto their heads when they had barely gotten out last time didn't sit well. Remembering Hannah's history lesson, humans didn't often like those that returned to the scene of the crime, especially when they had a target on their back.
"I agree we need to use a peaceful method in this instance, but if we immediately return, they could take it as a sign of hubris."

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