"Wait," she shouts to Julius running up and grabbing his arm.

She looks at Lillian and says, "Go pack some food and water for us all. Plus clothing for a couple days."
She looks at Will and says, "Over there is a store of weapons over there that could probably stop a small army. Push in on the second second knot on the third panel of the left side then lift from the bottom. You will need to slide some of the equipment out of the way first." She points at the outside of a small building like a pump house. She knew that would get a rise from Julius and Kaleo.

She looks at Kaleo and says, "Father. Think, is there somewhere out there where we can all hide for a day or two? Like a cave or something? Out in the wild?"

"Sai, Would you please get us a couple changes of clothing," she asked a little less bossy, "And toilet paper!!!" she adds.

She turns back to Julius and says more sternly, "You! Get on your phone and start calling in favors. Have your contacts start harassing the MECA agents here and all over the place." She pulls at his shirt, "Not killing them... Protesting, picketing, making false reports that you were spotted different places. Have them use Social Media to make false reports of mages being arrested by MECA, mundanes being harassed for being friends with mages. We want the news to get wind of it. Block the agent's vehicles and do things to keep helicopters away. Have them building barricades make a really real noisy protest. That will keep them off balance. Tomorrow night the media will get a report we are going to attack Nellis Air Base to capture nuclear missiles that are being secretly being transported through there. That will mobilize MECA and most of the police forces in the area to protect the air base and lock down the city. We'll steal an ambulance and get to the hospital with a pregnant teen in labor. " She smiles.

She lets go of his arm and said, "Then I need you also to get everything you will need to do this healing and any other magical thing you think we will need to pull this off."

"You all need to figure out how we get out," she says as she turns to head to the barn. "I'll make sure the horses have enough water and hay to last for awhile," she says walking away swinging her hips so the holster slapped her leg.

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