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Summary: A shy Martial Art Prodigy trying to find his place away from home

Jack Gomez

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Gender: Male

Age: 16

Group: Sophomores

Classes Taking or Teaching

10th Grade

English 2
Math: Geometry
History: World History
Foreign Language: Spanish 2
Science: Chemistry
Elective: Anatomy and Physiology Extra Science
Elective: PE/Track

Completed Classes
English 1
Math: Algebra
History: World Culture
Foreign Language: Spanish 1
Science: Biology
Elective: Algebra 2 Extra Math
Elective: PE

Extracurricular Activities/Clubs

Martial Arts Club, Track and Science Club

Physical Appearance

See pic
Height: 5 ft 11 in
Weight: 175 lb
Hair: Long Black in a ponytail
Eyes: Green
Left Ear: Golden loop earring
Skin: Tanned and muscular
Jack Gomez: Martial Art nick name: Little Dragon
Alberto Gomez: Grandfather's nick name Red Dragon

Personality and Interests

Jack is a good academic student, but his family was hard on him to keep his grades up so he rarely had time to hang out with friends, much less date girls. To make things worse he was born a martial art prodigy and was constantly trained by his grandfather since the age of 4. Not only can he master any Martial Art in a very short time but he can read body language which makes it appear he can predict his opponents moves. He wants to date girls and hang out with friends, but due to his social gap he has trouble crossing that bridge and comes off as either shy or weird. He does get a bit embarrassed by a woman's body. This got worse after loosing his father and grandfather and his mom remarried.


Jack is a good academic student, but his family was hard on him to keep his grades up so he rarely had time to hang out with friends, much less date girls. To make things worse he was born a martial art prodigy and was constantly trained by his grandfather (Alberto Gomez) since the age of 4. With his Mastery of many different styles of martial arts that include Shotokan Karate, Wado-ryu, Taekwondo, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Wing Chun and Aikido, Jack collected the most practical applications, modified them with his own philosophies and created his own style. Over three and a half years he won many championships both American and International despite his young age. During his three and a half year rein as World Champ in 8 styles of martial arts, Jack was able to travel the world and see many sights as he was dominating tournaments or was paid to do demos and promotions. He has been undefeated and won over 200 tournaments from local to Intercontinental. His trophies are in his grandfather's closed down dojo. He is a world champ in his divisions for all eight of his blackbelts. During that time he grossed a bit over $300,000 which his grandfather put in a Trust Fund savings account for his college tuition and future, which he gets access to it when he is 18. Jack also does not know he is the sole inheritor of his grandfather's estate when he turns 18 which is a large estate. Since Jack was kept busy with school, training, tournaments, traveling and promotions; he never had a chance to spend any of his money, make any real friends or date any girls. He even has an open invitation to several Martial Art careers when he graduates high school including a pro fighter in several of the octagon leagues.

Of course this all changed in his freshman year, when his grandfather (Alberto Gomez) and father (Daniel Gomez) died in a plane crash. Jack's father was a Sports Medical Doctor and his Grandfather was a retired World Martial Art Champ and Instructor. Jack retired after his grandfather's funeral since it hurt to much. Jack was devastated by this and to add salt on the wound his mother (Rose Gomez-Goldman) waited less than a school year before getting married to her boss, who was a rich business tycoon and old friend of his father. Jack felt Cedric took advantage of his depressed mother and their strained finances due to his father's debts.

Since Jack and the Step Father (Cedric Goldman) did not get along, Jack was sent to the Skyler Preparatory Academy. Now poor Jack is alone in a strange school far away from home with poor social skills. He is not sure what he will do now. As for careers he is considering Sports Medicine since he finds it interesting, but he knows he can make a living in MMA Fighting when he turns 18.


Favourite Sayings

You don't say.....
Sounds cool.

Favourite Food

Asian food

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Image of Jack Gomez
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