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Summary: A former Karate Champ now instructor at a posh prep school

Johnny Gillete (NPC)

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Gender: Male

Age: 35

Group: Teachers

Classes Taking or Teaching

PE teacher for the boys
Karate class after school

Extracurricular Activities/Clubs

Karate class after school. Starting a Martial Arts Club to win the big US Open Martial Arts Championship tournament.

Physical Appearance

Johnny has short cut blonde hair which he wears a variety of ways including with a black headband. He has a pretty rough face. He's around six three with a 180 build of mostly muscle, thought some has turned to a beer gut. He still has piercing blue eyes, and still can get any woman he wants, except his ex that is.

Personality and Interests

Johnny is a what happens when a bad boy finds wisdom and discipline through martial arts. He has a rough personality but is a decent guy deep down inside. Of course he hates his ex for bailing on him for a man with money.


He was a rowdy kid who was good at sports and martial arts, however he used and abused his his talents and ended up knocking up his high school sweetheart and had to give up his future plans to raise his daughter. Granted he won a few trophies at local tournaments and once at the US Open, he didn't make a lot of money teaching karate. Luckily he got a break to both be with his daughter again and work at her school as a coach.

Favourite Sayings

Wanna learn karate?

Favourite Food

Beer and Pizza

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Image of Johnny Gillete  (NPC)
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