Image of Headmistress Katherine Parker (NPC)

Summary: A strong and persuasive woman

Headmistress Katherine Parker (NPC)

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Gender: Female

Age: 35

Group: Staff

Extracurricular Activities/Clubs

She wants to increase the prestige of the School by increasing Clubs that will earn trophies and a positive reputation.

Physical Appearance

She has short hair and a seductive appearance. She Looks good in anything and uses that to influence men into seeing things her way.

Personality and Interests

Kaat primary interest is keeping her school running cleanly with the best GPA possible. the school has a fine tradition of graduates going to ivy league schools and she wants to keep that record going.

She's pretty outgoing and laid back trying to be first a friend to her students. However when a student misbehaves they will see a stern side to her that most fear. A strict disciplinarian she is one you don't want to cross.


She is a hardcore workaholic who wants to be the Queen Bee. She is not above using questionable tactics and recruiting Ace Students.

Favourite Sayings

I expect big things from you.

Favourite Food

Lobster Bisque

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Image of Headmistress Katherine Parker (NPC)
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