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Summary: Rock star's daughter who won't be a brick in the wall

Romy Shylock

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Gender: Female

Age: 14

Group: Freshman

Classes Taking or Teaching

General, but with a major in music

Extracurricular Activities/Clubs

Jazz band, Cheer squad

Physical Appearance

Blonde, blue eyes, slim with smokey black eye shadow. She often passes for older than she is. She does yoga to keep in shape, and has been active in gymnastics. She is most comfortable in clothes a half size smaller than she is to accent curves.

Personality and Interests

Partying, Music mostly, Romy is a free spirit, raging against a machine that doesn't exist. She plays the guitar - lead, rhythm and bass, can lay down a drum track and has a decent voice for harmonies, but not to front a band.


Romy is the daughter of Kit Shylock, an aging hairband rock 'star' from the band, Shylock. Kit is currently riding a wave of 80's nostalgia, touring with the band that consists of his brother, Jeremy, their good friend, Randy Roth and Kit's long time girlfriend Trinity, a former groupie who doesn't trust him on the road. Romy has an identical twin (Jules)

Favourite Sayings

Shook, Almost any 3 letter acronym, Stay in your lane, Turnt

Favourite Food

Pizza, but the carbs are savage

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Image of Romy Shylock
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