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Summary: A tough but talented aging rockstar who teaches Jazz & Choir

Crystal Boxx (NPC)

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Gender: Female

Age: 42

Group: Teachers

Classes Taking or Teaching

Teaches Music Classes, Jazz and Choir

Extracurricular Activities/Clubs

Choir & Jazz Clubs

Physical Appearance

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She comes off as a nice but rough biker chick.

Personality and Interests

She is a bit smarmy but charming. She obviously works out and has been in a some brawls in her time. She could easily beat an untrained fighter most of the time.


During the Eighties she made a decent name for herself with her band and solo career. However nothing lasts forever and decided to get into teaching music as a teacher when a friend of hers talked her into it. Seeing as she had to much free time she did it and liked it. She loves to drink, fight, work out, ride her Harley and teach music. Sadly her love life is a mess and she has trouble keeping men around due to her age and personality. She tends to live for the moment.

Favourite Sayings

Are you serious?

Favourite Food

Chicken wings and beer

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Image of Crystal Boxx (NPC)
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