Image of Austin Lynch (NPC)

Summary: A talented singer with writers block

Austin Lynch (NPC)

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Group: Sophomores

Classes Taking or Teaching

English 1
Math: Algebra
History: World Culture
Foreign Language: Spanish 1
Science: Biology
Elective: Music
Elective: PE/Track

Extracurricular Activities/Clubs

Music Club (rock or jazz)

Physical Appearance

He is a good looking guy with blonde hair and blue eyes. He has a skinny but decent frame and an angelic voice.

Personality and Interests

He is determined to become a rockstar and is a bit vain. He is a fun guy but he has a tendency to get in over his head when it comes to music and being popular. He is uncomfortable about not being creative enough to make his own music.


He is the son of Sheryl Lynch a famous 80's rock star and he wants to follow in her footsteps. he has good looks, a good voice and a lot of determination, however he lacks the creativity to make his own music.

Favourite Sayings

Right back at ya

Favourite Food


This character is not owned by anyone. You can adopt them if you become a member of this game.

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Image of Austin Lynch (NPC)
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