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Summary: Who says the 80's are over?

Christopher (Kit) Shylock

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Gender: Male

Age: 47

Group: Other

Classes Taking or Teaching

None. I'm a rock star, baby.

Extracurricular Activities/Clubs

Living large and in charge, wine, women, song

Physical Appearance

An aging hair band rocker, Kit has long blond hair and is prone to wearing eyeliner. He has a thin rock star build, and likes bracelets, leather pants and all things 80's.

Personality and Interests

Whisky, touring, women, more women, more whisky


Shylock had some big hits in the 80's, including one popular holiday tune about Donner and Vixen and a whirlwind romance. The residuals from that one song has earned him a tidy sum over the year, he gets paid each time it's played. Now with a new band covering the song on their album, he'll likely double that income. But money isn't the only reason he 'rocks out.' He is addicted to the roar of the crowd, to being loved and adored. Any chance he gets to tour - he takes. He's a serial dater with a string of ex-wives, and has two children, a set of Identical twins he named "Romy and Juliet." Shortly after their birth, their mother left for another rock star who she neglected to inform about the 'baggage' she was leaving behind. Being a single dad boosted Kit's popularity for a short bit as it was a novelty, but for the most part his girls' have been raised by nannies and boarding schools. That isn't to say he's not a doting dad. He does call often, and both girls know that he loves them, just not as much as he loves the spotlight. Searching for the spotlight themselves, his daughters have come to accept and even admire that about him.

Favourite Sayings

Heeeey yeah.

Thank you (city) Good Night!

Favourite Food

Whisky and Ant-Acids

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