A New Kid In Town

Jack found himself daydreaming as he stared out the window of the limousine he was sitting in. Granted it was his first limo ride and it was indeed an amazing experience, it was completely soured by the fact it was paid for by his jack@$$ of a stepfather Cedric. Jack hated the guy even more for taking advantage of his mother in her emotionally weakened state and conning her into marriage in less than a year after loosing his father and grandfather. He figured Cedric must have promised to take care of her not so good finances in exchange for marriage. To be honest if it wasn't for his mother Jack would have beaten Cedric into the ground. This of course led to Cedric conning Jack's mom into sending him to Foxcraft Prep School to "Let Jack spread his wings of Independence" or some BS line like that. Jack only agreed since his mother insisted he attend that school and become independent. After a painful goodbye he packed his stuff up and got into the limo Cedric rented. Jack's mother provided Jack with a debt/credit card for expenses at the school since it would be a long time before they saw each other again. Jack knew Cedric was the type to use business and vacations to keep Jack from seeing his mother again.

The drive was long and boring as Jack had no one to talk to except the driver who preferred listening to music up in the front. Jack spent his time daydreaming, sleeping, playing games on his phone or eating during the long drive. Seeing as he had time on his side he ordered large quantities of his favorite snacks and drinks he had shared with his late father and grandfather in the past and had them shipped to his school. Sadly it would take a few days for them to arrive, but figured he could pick them up after he arrived.

The driver stopped at a nice hotel along the way and rented two rooms each night so it was always awkward for Jack so he would eat at a nearby restaurant, then work out in the hotel gym and cool off in the pool. Granted it was nice to live in luxury, but lonely at the same time since most people were sleeping when Jack in the hotel.

After three days on the road they finally arrived at Foxcraft Prep School. Jack got out and stretched his legs as the driver quietly popped the trunk to get Jack's bags out and helped him carry them to the front office. The driver then provided the front office the documents and check for registration and received a confirmation for Jack's enrollment. Jack was not to shocked to find out his enrollment for the next three years was paid in full including meals. He figured Cedric was trying to say he won and Jack was out of the house now. Once the driver received the confirmation documents and receipts he put them in his pocket and helped carry Jack's luggage to his room. After a simple goodbye the driver left Jack alone in his dorm room and was never seen again.

Jack sat on his bed as he realized he was now on his own. He didn't know anyone here and he no longer had to endure his grandfather's insane martial art training. Seeing as he didn't have a roommate so far he picked the bed by the window and unpacked his stuff. By using his phone as the source of his internet provider he was able to use his PC outside the school network. Jack knew schools had a strong firewall and anything suspicious would be flagged right away. Seeing as he had money now and access to the internet he decided to do some online shopping. Jack found the popular gaming/movie website his old classmates bragged about and bought a lot of games to help with his boredom. Granted it would take a long time to play them all, but at least he didn't have to worry about Cds and DVDs cluttering up his room.

He was then interrupted by a knock on the door and answered it. As it turned out a man who worked at the school had several boxes on a trolley address to young Jack. When asked what he was receiving he told the man it was a care package from his mom. Approving of the answer Jack took the boxes and brought them into the room and opened them up. Seeing as he had plenty of snacks and drinks now he put the boxes under his bed to save some space. Then seeing how he was at school early and was bored he decided to talk a walk around the campus. He hoped he could find where everything was located and stretch his legs from a three day long ride in a limo. Along the way he saw a few staff members getting classrooms ready, transferring supplies to different rooms and so on. Jack was pretty much ignored for the most part since he made no sound when he walked and because he didn't attract any attention. After an hour or so he managed to find his class room, the gyms and the cafeteria. Seeing as he was bored again he decided to head back to his room.


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