An Opening

Romy quickly ate breakfast which consisted of a few bites of fruit and a string cheese, meaning to hit the music rooms. she still hadn't gotten in any good practice since the whole Chace incident, but she was hesitant to go alone a second time. That's why that whole karate thing was a good idea in her opinion. She decided to hold off until then. She felt bad for the girl sitting by herself staring at Jack with the same intensity that a dog stares at a bone. It wasn't that the girl was a dog, that was the worst part. She was pretty, but she had her heart set on a boy who had his heart set on someone else. There was a lot of heart-setting for high school. Life was too short to pine. She slipped her Sennheisers over her ears, hit random shuffle on her phone, each song that came on was like a little surprise. She waved to Karla across the cafeteria and headed back to her room to find some yoga pants for Kung-fu club.

Karla gave Romy a nod of acknowledgement since she made the cut. Typically Karla was a total "B!tch" to anyone she didn't care for, so getting her approval was a big deal to a lot of insecure teens. As a fellow cheerleader Romy got props, but even that had a limit in the hierarchy of school coolness. Karla ate with the other Varsity cheerleaders as they talked smack about others, the latest fashion and the hot guys. Some of them even noticed the new JV cheerleader Lily with Jack. A few of them contemplated the idea of stealing Jack away from her just to see her cry. These seniors were very arrogant and jaded when it came to feelings in general. Sadly most of them would end up as trophy wives with few prospects due to their lack of priorities.

Eventually the bell rang and it was time to head to class. Lilly made sure to kiss Jack in public to ensure her claim on him before they separated. Naturally Jack blushed as he shyly looked at her wicked smile. Lilly knew Jack was a catch and it would only be a matter of time before others tried to sink their claws on him. Unlike most of the good looking guys in the school, Jack was one of the few who didn't know he was attractive on top of being considerate. Poor Mandy watched as Jack received Lilly's bold kiss. She winced as she bent her spoon in half and gently moaned in pain. She so wanted that to be her and her plans to ensnare Jack's heart were slowly circling the drain of the toilet. She needed an opening to get close to him, but she had no clue on what to do.

Lilly: Okay Jack I'll see you at Karate Class.

Jack: Sure no prob.

Jack looked at Naomi: You still coming Naomi?

Naomi: Sure why not.

Jack: Cool. Later ladies.

Londyn looked like she was about to cry as her personal tutor from Hades showed up to escort her to her own personal education hell. She begrudgingly went along while pouting. As Jack and the girls left for class, Mandy moaned and picked up her tray. As she was heading back to get her backpack off the table she ran into Johnny Gillete who was passing out flyers to join the Karate Club. He gave one to Mandy and spoke to her.

Johnny: Hey there. You look like you need some confidence in your life. Why not join my Karate Club after school. Its great for getting in shape and gaining confidence.

Mandy: I don't know.

Johnny: I know what you are thinking.

Mandy: You do?

Johnny: Sure. You are worried about keeping up with the upper level students like Jack Gomez and Lilly since they are both blackbelts in the club, but don't let that stop you we have lots of beginners and they are there to help as well. We don't look down on beginners since we want them to grow and get better.

Mandy: Jack is in the Karate Club?

Johnny: I figured you heard of him since he is a legend in the martial art world.

Mandy: Yeah he was amazing.

Johnny: Well he is a big contender for representing the school at the US Open this year. If all goes well he should bring back a lot of trophies for the program.

Mandy: I see.....

Mandy then got the idea of joining the Karate Club to get close to Jack. As a beginner she could use that to get personal lessons from him and that would be her opening. She hoped she could then tug at his heartstrings to win him away from his girlfriend.

Mandy: Okay I'll join

Johnny: Great here is a flyer and I will see you there. Oh and show up a bit early so you can get a uniform that fits.

Johnny left Mandy as he continued to hand out flyers. Mandy had a naughty smile as she hugged the flyer and headed to class.


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