Dinner, the third most important meal of the day

Jules sat on Romy's bed, waiting. She finally had tracked her down and found out that she went to some club in the gym, and not the loud music have a DJ kind of club either. School related. Not involving cheer or music.

Romy meanwhile had been on cloud nine after talking with Austin. She wasn't paying much attention as she swung open her room door and started to grab her sundries to shower and clean up for dinner, when she caught sight of herself in the full length mirror, sitting on the bed.

"Romy!" After that was a cacophony of back and forth from identical voices, as both girls talked at the speed of sound.

"How was it...."



"It was awful, and the only thing worse was the food which was even more awful but there was this boy...."

"Weird at first there was this guy in the music room, and he gave me the creeps so I couldn't even play, what boy?....."

"You should have hit him in the boy bits with your guitar, and his name was Ethan, I think, maybe Eric, and he really didn't know much about girls, but beggars couldn't be choosers...."

"I couldn't even! I was trapped, and I don't even know that he was going to try something, and it was so embarrassing because I fell into a drum kit, and OMG, you'll never guess... Crystal Boxx is lit a teacher here. And Sheryl Lynch's son, Austin goes to this school. Did you go all the way with him?"

"No, hell no, it would have been literally the biggest disappointment ever. He had no idea what he was doing. I told him we would, though. Crystal Boxx? Tight! I knew about Austin, Sheryl's the one who told Dad about the school. Dick move, right? What happened to the guy in the music room?"

"Crystal came in when I fell into the kit, and they had words but he left. Was he mad when you said no? Then I was supposed to meet this guy Damon, but everyone calls him Beck, and the creep didn't even show up, after giving me this whole speech about how he wasn't as bad as everyone says he is."

"The guy going out with Maddi? I talked to him, I think he thought I was you. Sorry about that. I don't think Evan was mad, let's just say... Frustrated. All the counseling should help him though. "

"Counseling. Ugh, it's not like you're a user. Sorry I wasn't able to stop you from trying to bite that cop. And he's not really with Maddi, they broke up, but she wouldn't take the hint. He said everyone here pigeon holed him into being some sort of he-whore."

"I think there might be some truth to that, I don't know, just a feeling. No worries, it was a bad trip was all, and I survived the 28 days. Sorry you got sent here because of something I did. "

"Here's not too bad. Made the cheer squad, there was so many heel stretches! I joined the karate club so if something happens like with that guy Chance I can defend myself. You should join too. And I'm sure they'll give you a make-up tryout for cheer, otherwise, it's not like you won't pass for me. We can trade out on practices, games and stuff, like we used to do with math and PE."

"You hate heel stretches! Karate isn't my thing. I don't want to pay someone to hit me or throw me around. Didn't know you were into that sort of thing. As for passing for you... Used to?" Jules giggled. "You ditch the eyeliner, I'll ditch the lipliner, and twinsies. No, literally, down to the fingerprints and DNA. You take care of English and the essays, I'll handle math, as long as we have classes at different times, this school year will be cake. Speaking of cake, I'm starving. When's dinner?"

Sufficiently caught up, Romy showered and headed down to dinner with Jules. She didn't see Austin or Beck, she did see that girl still staring at Jack, this time looking more nervous than usual, like a cat who ate the canary. She spotted the group of kids she met out on the patio, the ones she was supposed to go clubbing with. Getting their trays of food, she led Jules over to introduce her.

"Hey, all, cool if we sit here? This is my sister, Juliet. Jules, this is Jack, Lily, Naoimi, and Londyn. You know, as in Lipton. Lily's on squad, and most of 'em are in karate club."

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